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As every learning, teaching cinema needs experiences, affections, motivations and people who contaminate enthusiasm; this is achieved just attending to a specialized school.


These are sources of information that will help you to know more about the different programs in the film industry. One of them can be the right for you. You just need to review which is according to your skills.
Read a great article about the history of watching movies, and how the industry has captivated audiences worldwide.


Movies are the unique art that was born from technology, in its beginnings it was projected on a savanna into a dark room but nowadays it leaves us amazed when we watch a film on a movie theater. It is an and art, a spectacle and thought; it should be treated, studied, and cultivated as the poetry, the literature or as an artistic language.


Film Design

Film DesignProductionRealize and cooperate as an important piece in a film production design is not easy but is important to know that this program is focused on the process of physical and visual creation of an atmosphere that later on becomes an essential component...

Docu Film

Docu FilmDocumentarySince the film camera was invented, it has been used to capture real facts and conserve them in order to show to everybody tragedies and glories of our world; when its popularity grew, this purpose evolved, because today it also reflects the...

Digital Film Making

Digital Film Making FILMMAKING The digital film uses digital technology to record, distribute, and project movies. Since the apparition of movement images, they have been discovered different ways of processing images that have enriched filmmaking, from simple fused...


Cinematography  THE PROGRAMThis program explores the many ways in which the cinematographer participates in the collaborative process of translating screenplays and treatments into meaningful and stimulating motion pictures. Through technical...

8 Elements that Make a Great Film

8 Elements that Make a Great FilmMan has been telling stories much before he learned to write. But the real trick of creating a standout film isn't necessarily a complex plot. Instead, pretty much everything you put into your film - dialogue, props, lighting, and a...

Simple and Affordable Ideas for Small Film Production Houses

Simple and Affordable Ideas for Small Film Production HousesSpace limitation shouldn’t be a hindrance to achieving your dream of owning a production house. Filming is a rare talent; you can’t afford to let it go down the drain in such a simple way. You only need to...
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