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Welcome to About Film Schools. We facilitate artistic excellence and provide the platform for students to prosper in the filmmaking sphere.

As every learning, teaching cinema needs experiences, affections, motivations, and people who contaminate enthusiasm; this is achieved just by attending a specialized school.


Film schools are educational institutions committed to instructing various aspects of filmmaking such as film theory, film production, screenwriting, and digital media production. Typically, many film school curricula entail hands-on technical training and film history courses.

They provide enormous freedom for learners to write their scripts, cast their projects, and finish the same. Moreover, film schools’ confines connect students to many collaborators that they might not have the opportunity to work with ordinarily. Therefore, the institution enables students to establish a network with fellow filmmakers and grow their careers.


These are sources of information that will help you to know more about the different programs in the film industry. One of them can be the right for you. You just need to review which is according to your skills.
Read a great article about the history of watching movies, and how the industry has captivated audiences worldwide.


Movies are the unique art that was born from technology, in its beginnings it was projected on a savanna into a dark room but nowadays it leaves us amazed when we watch a film in a movie theater. It is an and art, a spectacle and thought; it should be treated, studied, and cultivated as poetry, literature, or as an artistic language.


Film Design

Realize and cooperate as an important piece in a film production design is not easy but is important to know that this program is focused on the process of physical and visual creation of an atmosphere that later on becomes an essential component of film storytelling....

Docu Film

Since the film camera was invented, it has been used to capture real facts and conserve them in order to show to everybody tragedies and glories of our world; when its popularity grew, this purpose evolved, because today it also reflects the advances of new ideas,...

Digital Film Making

The digital film uses digital technology to record, distribute, and project movies. Since the apparition of movement images, they have been discovered different ways of processing images that have enriched filmmaking, from simple fused to the 3D...


This program explores the many ways in which the cinematographer participates in the collaborative process of translating screenplays and treatments into meaningful and stimulating motion pictures. Through technical...

Tips For Editing Your Film

Editing your film can be a daunting task. It's important to have the right tools and know how to use them in order to make the editing process as smooth as possible. In this article, we will discuss some tips for editing your film. You don't need to be a professional...

Why You Should Consider Film School

If you're passionate about film and want to pursue a career in the industry, you should definitely consider attending film school. Here are just a few of the many reasons why film school can be a great investment: You'll learn from experienced professionals. At film...

Top 5 Filmschools in Brazil

Brazil is known for its colorful culture, exotic beaches, and diverse wildlife. It’s also one of the most popular places in the world to study film. This is why we've compiled this list of five top-rated film schools in Brazil that will help you get a head start on...

Most underrated methods of learning film making

A lot of people think that filmmaking is something you can't learn. But the truth is, there are several methods for learning to make movies - scripts and storyboards help with basic planning; playlists on Spotify or YouTube provide a soundtrack for your movie; iPhones...
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