This program explores the many ways in which the cinematographer participates in the collaborative process of translating screenplays and treatments into meaningful and stimulating motion pictures. Through technical classesworkshopsexercisesproject work and review, students will acquire a solid foundation in the art and craft of cinematography. Program curricula includes courses in the technical aspects of cinematography, production projects, camera workshops and video editing.

The motion picture and video production industries require skilled, experienced, well-trained, and talented people to continue attracting and supporting high levels of production. In that way, a cinematographer is responsible for planning every shot in a movie or television show, considering camera angles, lighting, and editing. A film producer then takes this film and transforms it into something useful something that can be watched and enjoyed by others. As the movie industry continues to expand, the demand for cinematographers and film producers increases.

Short narrative projects are taught at the core of the beginning of the program. The training in new media technology is incorporated throughout the curriculum, the pre-visualization as well as advanced image manipulation and control; Students develop their storytelling skills by photographing narrative projects on digital video. The next years they leam to shoot films, which usually last 30 minutes as thesis productions, which may be photographed in a variety of formats.

James Anderson

James Anderson


As the founder of About Film Schools, James has ensured that the school remains on top of its game by providing cutting-edge technology to create its original work. He also facilitates the distribution of films produced by our learners and members.

Asides from his commitment to running the great academy’s daily affairs, James has produced several motion pictures, including the famous “Winter in September” in 2007

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