Digital Film Making

The digital film uses digital technology to record, distribute, and project movies. Since the apparition of movement images, they have been discovered different ways of processing images that have enriched filmmaking, from simple fused to the 3D animation. In the beginning, the unique processing method was the optic one but since the apparition of computers is possible to process images digitally, so we have now a new universe of options impossible to imagine.

The digital treatment doesn’t discard the whole traveled road, instead of that it uses many of the techniques traditionally used. The used software to produce digital films consists of one or more modules with those is possible to modelanimate, and give the real appearance to an object. In the beginning, the animation companies used to program their own software, but later on, they were other programs that could be acquired by means of a license.

Most of the digital film programs have a length between 2 and 4 years, in these programs the art and the necessary dexterities to develop digital films are taught through the balance between the theoretical instruction in classrooms and practical experience in workshops in which professors take charge of teaching to their students to take a maximum advantage of technology.

In the digital films programs, students make their movies since the first day of classes. Besides writingproducingdirecting, and publishing their projects, they help other members of the team. They assume roles such as managing of photography, assistant cameraperson, and gaffer/grip, these provides them an extensive work experience.

Concluding every workshop, they make an exhibition of the works of each student in which their relatives and close friends attend. These digital tapes are included in each student’s portfolio. Each student, after the satisfactory conclusion of the program, receives a diploma.

James Anderson

James Anderson


As the founder of About Film Schools, James has ensured that the school remains on top of its game by providing cutting-edge technology to create its original work. He also facilitates the distribution of films produced by our learners and members.

Asides from his commitment to running the great academy’s daily affairs, James has produced several motion pictures, including the famous “Winter in September” in 2007

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