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Since the film camera was invented, it has been used to capture real facts and conserve them in order to show to everybody tragedies and glories of our world; when its popularity grew, this purpose evolved, because today it also reflects the advances of new ideas, social progress, and the global world changes.

Documentaries are maybe more useful than attending to a cultural event because they show a unique vision of real-world characters taking us much closer to the topics that once were remote and inaccessible; Documentary creation is an increasing industry, for directors it constitutes a more vital and exciting way to make movies which are nowadays a lot easier to make them because of the introduction of digital cinema equipment such as portable cameras and digital edition systems.

This program prepares students for professional cinema and digital media careers, the student’s film, and publishes their own movies along the years of study, their films are exhibited and then are evaluated and criticized by the faculty.

Students receive documental production training, additionally; they possess investigation abilities related to critic and film analysis. In the program, the artistic expression, aesthetics, social knowledge and perspective is valued; students have the opportunity of learning about history, theoretical aspects as well as the production of these movies by a deep and comprehensive study.

Classes include conferences, presentations, screenings, film production methods, and equipment demonstrations, camera lessons, sound recording, scene, and illumination problems which teach students a deep vision of the post-production process. Diverse forms of documentaries are also analyzed in style as well as technical resources used encouraging students to develop investigation topics in every job they make.

Objective of Documentaries

  • Provide indispensable knowledge for documentary realization.
  • It exposes the development, technical languages of documentaries from a historical and chronological perspective.
  • It teaches the nomenclature of images as well as norms of the documentary’s productive process norms.
  • It develops habitually work experiences with resources utilized in the development documentary process where producers, directors, scriptwriters, and cameraman intervene.
James Anderson

James Anderson


As the founder of About Film Schools, James has ensured that the school remains on top of its game by providing cutting-edge technology to create its original work. He also facilitates the distribution of films produced by our learners and members.

Asides from his commitment to running the great academy’s daily affairs, James has produced several motion pictures, including the famous “Winter in September” in 2007

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