Simple and Affordable Ideas for Small Film Production Houses

Space limitation shouldn’t be a hindrance to achieving your dream of owning a production house. Filming is a rare talent; you can’t afford to let it go down the drain in such a simple way. You only need to think outside the box on ways you can achieve more out of the things you have at hand. The most crucial thing in this business is the zeal and the passion for filming. The rests are small hills and valleys that you can climb and sail through with ease. You only need to equip yourself with a few ideas to achieve your goal and elegantly. The big production house you see on social and print media have a story to tell. The business started on a small foundation, thrives better despite the hurdles. Baby steps are stepping stones to business success.

What to do to achieve more with a small film production house?

1. Opt for space illumination options

Space is an issue if you have it in mind. You only need to go out of your way and explore what to do with small spaces to have the best.

One thing you should do is to avoid cluttering the lower surfaces. With that, you tend to popularise the problem.

Only put tools that you use, and the rest make fair use of the cabinets.

The cabinets should also portray a touch of class using simple designs that don’t overrate their presence.

That is the time you need to engage a woodworker who understands the power of a planer in getting smooth surfaces. Get some reviews at to have an idea of what we mean.

Here are a few ideas to help you to widen your small space for a production house

  • Strategically put mirrors to create an illusion of a vast space
  • Use bright colors for walls and floor paintings
  • Maximize on any space including behind the staircases
  • Avoid large furniture which occupies space for no good reason

2. Partition rooms for privacy

The film production house needs total silence since every minute of noise affects the quality of sound.

Although most films are done outdoors, the big task lies in the editing process. You need to listen to the sounds and make the necessary edits if you also alter voices where appropriate.

This explains why the personnel in the film production house are ever with their microphones while working.

However, it doesn’t mean the regular socializing at the workplace is never practiced here. Of course, it does.

That is the time you need to partition some offices for privacy and also to continue with normal office operations.

What to consider when partitioning a film production house

  • Height
  • Cost
  • Aesthetics
  • Strength
  • Acoustics

Ensure you don’t compromise on the height in the name of space. Get the right contractor who understands standard room sizes to ensure you are comfortable despite the small area.

The film production house is an example of artistic creation; it’s something you can’t leave out.

Its beauty dictates the inner attraction to near-perfect artistic creations. Have some wallpapers and decorations here and there to give it a touch of class and elegance.

As you partition, consider the surrounding buildings. Divisions are temporary structures that can be affected by strong vibrations like when you are near a factory.

That means if that is the case in your locality, then go for strong materials that can’t easily break or crack.

Consider acoustics when looking for privacy. Wood and glass are a good fit. As mentioned earlier, the sound is a challenge.

They also come in handy as natural sound absorbers.

Lastly, you only work within your budget but maintain quality and style in the production house decoration ideas.

3. Be creative

Some of the beautiful design film houses didn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s someone somewhere who chooses to beat the odds and use readily available materials with a bit of creativity for that fantastic look.

4. Consider Outdoor ideas

Who said that outdoors is not an option when you are looking for space? At this stage, every area counts.

Before you consider renting a bigger apartment, you can also look at the outside areas and what you can add to give you additional space.

Look at outdoor weddings in a beautiful garden. That is an idea someone thought to incorporate nature into an indoor activity.

Why not use the same skill and have some offices located on the balcony? This isn’t possible in a storey building.

5. Beautify it despite the space limitation

When space is a weakness in your film production house, it’s time to camouflage this with beautiful designs from the entrance to the office to the cabinets.

Engage an interior designer for this. The facelift you get out of the work of her/his hands leaves your tongue-tied.

Never fear to start because of limited resources. That is all in mind. Go for it, passion and talent is the most important thing.

James Anderson

James Anderson


As the founder of About Film Schools, James has ensured that the school remains on top of its game by providing cutting-edge technology to create its original work. He also facilitates the distribution of films produced by our learners and members.

Asides from his commitment to running the great academy’s daily affairs, James has produced several motion pictures, including the famous “Winter in September” in 2007

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